Thursday, September 1, 2011


My very unhealthy relationship with my cell phone, computer, and radio is soon to come to an end as Anthony is in his last series of baseball... but  his team is 2 games out of 1st place so... my very unhealthy relationship might last a tad longer... I know i should be totally stoked if he does make play-offs but, a part of me just really wants him not too so I can see him! Does that make me a bad gf? Yes, maybe but i dont really care hahaha

Happy September!! Boy, i thought you would never come! he he

Soon to say goodbye to my unhealthy relationship with my iphone... thank god, i was getting tired of looking at you and waiting for those text messages from my long distance boyfriend. but, thank you iphone for keeping me sane and letting me have some sort of communication to my impossible to talk to boyfriend!
And soon to say goodbye to you my cute lil macbook pro! Thank you for letting me look up stats, scores, listen, and watch games. Also, a big thanks for letting me become obsessed with stocking my boyfriends facebook page... I am officially so lame! I will still be using you for my many homework assignments but just not for baseball purposes! haha Its been fun though! hahah

And a big thank you to you baseball for bringing this Hunk back into my life!!! t-5 days ... hopefully!!! 
aaaahhhh cant wait nor can i believe it is finally almost here! Butterflies have already been in me and flying around me due to the excitement i feel! love when my babe returns home from season! haha