Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Month of August!!!!!

                                     Things August brings that brings me happiness!!!
                                               August 4-7 camping at the lake! Yippee... 
August 9th Cousin Mikey's Birthday!!
August 17th My 22nd Birthday!!!
August 24th School Starts(Its my first last day of school ever) and its my lovely friend Kim's 22nd Birthday!!
August 27th is Jenn and Ron's Wedding Day!!
Then Comes September 6th My Long Lost Never See Baseball Boyfriend Comes home!
Then its off season Fun and Shinnanagins!
Last Long Distance Month equals my Favorite Month EVER!!!!! haha

Friday, July 29, 2011


Stuck or Want!!!

"You have a choice to stay STUCK or do something about what you WANT!!!"

Sometimes I am not going to lie but, I feel stuck... Stuck in a life or a lifestyle that maybe I just wasn't cut out for. I am a very Happy go lucky person who always tries to find the best in almost every situation. Lately, I have been feeling the blues and have kinda felt stuck in my own life... If that even makes sense! I know it sounds really silly probably... Like how can a girl feel stuck in her own life that she controls? Well, yes I do control my life but, there are thing sense I joined this baseball lifestyle that I can't control and it gets to me sometimes...

Ugh.. Just needed to vent!! ha ha

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Things are difficult before they are easy..."

Ain't that the TRUTH...

Walking was once difficult... NOW... Easy
Talking was once difficult... NOW... Easy
Typing was once difficult... NOW... Easy

okay... So you get where I am going with this quote!!

Long distance... Never gets easy for me but, then again I am only in  my 2nd season with this whole thing. Saying goodbye to a love one is something that I personally feel is heartbreaking. I hate saying goodbyes to Ant. I call em the "See ya Laters!" cause there is just something about the word "Goodbye!" that makes me cringe! Goodbye to me is something that sounds permanent... almost like your never going to see the person again therefore I hate GOODBYES and the word GOODBYE!! 

Okay... I got a little off track here sorry... Back to my love for this quote ("Things are difficult before they are easy.") I love this quote because it fits my lifestyle right now. I have felt the difficult days and times and sometimes they feel never ending but, then there are days where I feel I have gotten the hang of this lifestyle and it becomes a little easier NEVER EASY... but easier!! ha ha Goodbyes have become See ya laters which has made leaving my loved one easier for me!!  

Lately I have been feeling the BLUES... kinda lame, I know... especially when there is so much in this world to be happy for and to find happiness in! It has been about 2 Months sense I have last seen Anthony... Kinda depressing! But, I guess I should be glad time is going by and not at a stand still because that would just be awful!! On a happy note there is about 6 more weeks left till I see my man and for that I am extremely happy!!!  

Hope you all have a Happy Tuesday!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Dad and A Boyfriend!

For the better part of my life I have always been a daddy's girl. My dad and I have spent a lot of time together sense I was 4 till now. The reason being is because I played soccer and my dad was my coach. 5 out of 7 days of the week I was with my dad, Whether it be because I was at Club soccer practice, A tournament, or out of state competing in a Soccer tournament. My mom always had work on Fridays and Saturdays and could never really come to a lot of my soccer tourneys or games but, when she could she was always there to support me. So, therefore I am a daddy's girl. 
When it comes to boyfriends meeting my dad I am always a bit nervous. (Dads are tough on guys dating there daughters  ha ha) So, little to say when I brought Anthony home to meet my parents I was nothing less of nervous, I was terrified!!! It was a random Wednesday in the middle of the week and Anthony had a late practice for San Jose State Baseball so, we were patiently waiting for his arrival so we could eat the pizza we had ordered. When Ant arrived he met my mom then my dad we all sat at the kitchen table to have a lil dinner (something we as a family never do is eat at the kitchen table ha ha) Ant and my dad hit it off. After dinner we played dominos. Me and my dad love to play dominos and Ant had never played before so we taught him and we all played a couple games. It was a ton of fun. My dad found away to talk about "Butterfingers" this is disgusting and I don't know why we were all talking about it but a "butterfinger" is when you wipe your butt and the toilet paper breaks and it goes on your finger.... like I said disgusting and no idea why it was a topic of conversation ha ha! After our disgusting "butterfinger" talk my dad and Ant got into talking about baseball. My dad can talk for days about baseball. (my dad used to play baseball in the texas rangers organization and my dad played ball his whole life) To say the least they most definetly hit it off... (fewww thank goodness)
Last off season Ant lived at my house in our extra bedroom. (because my parents still think I am 18 years old and can't sleep with my boyfriend of 3 years in the same bed!! ha ha Lame I know!! This year I turn 22 and I am determined to change that ha ha) Anyways, Ant living at my house made my dad and his relationship even better. They had lunch dates together while I was at school or work,  my dad worked with Ant almost everyday with his hitting for baseball, and Ant went to my dads high school baseball teams practice everyday when the clock hit 2 pm. My boyfriend was being taken from me by my dad ha ha! I love that my dad loves Anthony and they get along and mesh well together because if they didn't that would  make for a whole different kind of ball game!!  ha ha. Ant got moved up a couple weeks back and I came home from work all excited to tell my parents the good news and as soon as I come through the door my dad was like "Steph did you hear Ant got moved up he's going to Asheville!!" my response: "Yeah, I know. The question is how do you know?" my dads response: "Oh he texted me and I texted him" ha ha oh lord they even text each other now! ha ha There would be nights in the off season where I would be heading to bed because I was exhausted from school, soccer, and work and Anthony and my dad would stay up and watch shows together. By the end of the off season they had date nights where they would stay up and watch their shows together, and if Ant wasn't home my dad would text him and say "hey, the knew storage wars is one, or the new Ghost hunter is one tonight" ha ha A dad boyfriend relationship is so important to me and I feel blessed that my dad and my boyfriend have a good bond! 
My mom and my Dad, 2 Characters

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


                              Just had a Wonderful lunch with a bunch of Beautiful People!!!
I love these girls to pieces! I have known some sense 2nd grade and the rest sense 6th grade! 
We have gone through just about everything together! 
We all after high school went our different ways for college!
But, We always seems to find our ways back to each other in Summer and its like not a thing has changed! I love it! Every girl needs a group of girlfriends to help get her by. I love my girlfriends and i don't know what i would do without them!! 
They are Beautiful people... I adore em all! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I miss...

It feels like so long ago I was in the Stands 
watching Anthony play baseball
for San Jose State!
Boy do I miss it!!!

There is lots of things I miss but, there is one thing I miss more than anything...
I miss College Baseball...
I miss Friday, Saturday, and Sundays getting together with my girlfriends to go watch the San Jose State Baseball team play ball! (And Anthony!!! ha ha) 
I have to admit sense Anthony has been drafted for the Colorado Rockies I have not been able to watch him play and I miss it very much! I have gone to Spring Training to visit him but, just never made it out to the field to watch the games. This past year a bunch of my girlfriends and I all flew out to Arizona to watch Spring Training. Of course we went for Giants Spring Training and saw them play! But, unfortunately I couldn't talk any of them into going over to the Colorado Rockies facilities and catching one of Ant's games!! ha ha! ( I know I am a bad girlfriend ) Last year and this year Anthony has been picked to go to teams for season that are just too much money for me to fly too... Huge bummer!!! If he was in California, Arizona, or anywhere Southwest flies too I would most likely visit and catch one of his games every month... But, unfortunately that is not the case... Baseball why do you hate us girlfriends so much? ha ha
All in all I miss watching Ant play ball and my goal for next year is to catch some of his games... Hopefully he will be in Modesto Ca. So I won't  have to travel far at all... (cross your fingers and knock on wood!!!) That would just be the best!! :)
I just wanna get together with my girlfriends
have some drinks
 and watch a baseball game... :)