Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Confess...

      August 17th I turn 22 Years Old!!!! 
At age 22 I will graduate from San Jose State with a Degree in Creative Arts with an emphasis in Radio,Television,& Film and English. (Yay For Me) ha ha 

But, I Confess... I still feel like a lil Girl

I live at home with my Mommy and Daddy!!!
My job is nannying 2 Lil boys!!!
I am a huge Dreamer!!!
I love with every part of me!!!

So, I confess I don't quite know if I am ready to fully grow up!!!
I mean I don't wanna live at home FOREVER!!!
The Real World scares me a bit!!!

So... I guess I wanna grow up but, I never wanna lose the lil Girl in me! 
I wanna continue to be a Dreamer and  not a Realist!
I wanna Love through the tips of my fingers and toes!
I wanna continue to watch The Little Mermaid and not feel Guilty!
I wanna never lose my sense of Wonder!

So... Hello My Name Is Stephanie Anne Righetti I am about to be 22 years old and I am still a lil girl at heart!!!

The Colors Of Stephanie! (Me) ha ha ha! 
Aka Classified DORK

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