Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I admire!!!

    I Admire my Brother and my Sister for many Reasons...

                                            I admire my little Sister Shannon because....
She is a dreamer
She goes to the beat of her own drum
She doesn't care what others think of her
She is confident
She has a strong belief in her faith and no matter who laughs at her she still believes!
She wears overalls to Disneyland and Doesn't care who laughs
She is Smart
She is Beautiful
She is Independent
She knows what she wants and goes after it
She is passionate
She never settles for anything less than what she deserves
She is talented
She sings even though she may not sing very good ha ha
She loves, and Cares 
She is a great friend to everyone in her life
She is someone you can count on
She believes everyone in this world is beautiful
She is a star!
I love you Shanney Baby!!!

I admire my older brother Scott because...
He is a free spirit
He is always a lot of fun
He is protective
He teaches me important life lessons
He is passionate
He cares 
He is a Dreamer
He is creative
He is athletic
He is Strong
He is tough 
He never sweats the small stuff
 He is very optimistic 
He is someone I can count on!
 I love you Scottyboy!!

                                                   We Are Family!!  

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