Monday, July 11, 2011

Optimism and Positivity is Key....

Okay, so  this is a little embarrassing for me to admit! I am a complete nerd!! Stephanie Righetti 100% Geek, Dork, and Nerd!!! Let me tell you why...  I have to have a calendar with all my agenda written on it and all color coordinated. I have a countdown in my room for days left till my baby comes home! I always have to write myself little reminder notes and when trying to plan a trip or vacation i immediately grab a lil pad of paper and start finding the best deals possible. Anthony always makes fun of me for it cause he is very spontaneous and never has a plan, last minute would be the words to describe my Boyfriend!!

With Anthony playing baseball i feel he has become so much more spontaneous and all about last minute things... I hate last minute and love to make a plan...
I am constantly asking Anthony what he is going to do in the off season and where he is going to live... and his response is  "Babe don't worry about it! i don't know what i am going to do yet...!!!" (as i typed that i literally felt frustration and took a lil bit of that frustration out on my keyboard) I hate last minute it is my biggest pet peeve! Anthony on the other hand lives a very last minute, unplanned, unpredictable like 24/7! And i guess sense he is part of my life i now live that god awful lifestyle too now!

I just want stability in my relationship... I want my boyfriend around 24/7.... i want to be able to kiss, hold hands, hug, and much much much more! ha ha Enough with the boy time and bro-mancing with all your baseball buds and come home to your girlfriend! ha ha ha! (Am i selfish? am i a crazy girlfriend for this? or am i just a normal girl wanting a normal relationship?)

I am the most OPTIMISTIC POSITIVE person to a point where its almost UNREALISTIC!!  I guess that is one thing baseball has given me and made me be is optimistic and positive in hard times! (thank you baseball for that!) Baseball and long distance has made me strong and find strength when i thought i had none! i pull myself out of dark times and depend solely on myself when i have bad days but, should i have to when i have a boyfriend? well, truth is i do have to because Anthony doesn't need my drama, or stress, he has way too much as it is! So, me keeping my bad days in and dealing with dark days and depending on myself is the least i can do! But, you better believe when his season is over and i have my boyfriend back i am going to be a lil less independent and be a lil more dependent on him! ha ha ha  (sorry babe)

So, i guess what i am trying to say is its 6 months apart and 6 months i am working on myself and being optimistic and trying to stay positive in this crazy lifestyle.

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