Friday, July 8, 2011

Just because some days i feel i need to be inspired!

I woke up at 8:00 went over to nanny Joe Joe and Jack till 5:00
The Dad was working from home today...
i dont quite understand a parent being home but needing a nanny to watch their kids!
I watched Jack and Joe Joe while the dad was working from home!
These two boys are handfuls when they wanna be! lol
Thank goodness we got a knock at the door around 12:00 it was there friend Johnny coming over to play.
The boys and I went in the back house to play some god awful killing video game that i dont know how they have any interest in but they do! They played that for almost an hour.
of course they all got board so i decided id make em all lunch then we'd do a lemonade stand and water fight out front!
Pizza Rolls you are a life Saver ( I freaking love you) so easy to make and the boys ate em up! lol
Lemonade Stand time and Water balloons!
Made for a pretty fun days.
When everything was all over and the clock hit 4:00 the boys were exhausted!
Nanny... equaled total success for today! hahaa
i love kids you never know what your going to get with them, or what crazy, funny thing will come out of their mouths, i love getting paid to hangout with these little ones! always make for some great laughs! :)

Today was also a great day not only because i tired the kiddos out but because Anthony got moved up!
Hello Asheville North Carolina and Goodbye Tri City Washington! lol
Wish i could Say i was traveling with the handsom chap but i of course have to Stay home in California all summer working my lil but off so i can have some money put away. I Wish Minor Leaguers got paid like the Pros! hahah (Yeah right Steph in your Dreams!) 
All in all today was a pretty darn fantabulous Day!!
Thank goodness cause all my summer days were starting to blend and become day after day after day without Anthony but, days like to day inspire me and make each day a lil different from the next!
Yay for Summer and Baseball Being almost over!! haha

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