Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I miss...

It feels like so long ago I was in the Stands 
watching Anthony play baseball
for San Jose State!
Boy do I miss it!!!

There is lots of things I miss but, there is one thing I miss more than anything...
I miss College Baseball...
I miss Friday, Saturday, and Sundays getting together with my girlfriends to go watch the San Jose State Baseball team play ball! (And Anthony!!! ha ha) 
I have to admit sense Anthony has been drafted for the Colorado Rockies I have not been able to watch him play and I miss it very much! I have gone to Spring Training to visit him but, just never made it out to the field to watch the games. This past year a bunch of my girlfriends and I all flew out to Arizona to watch Spring Training. Of course we went for Giants Spring Training and saw them play! But, unfortunately I couldn't talk any of them into going over to the Colorado Rockies facilities and catching one of Ant's games!! ha ha! ( I know I am a bad girlfriend ) Last year and this year Anthony has been picked to go to teams for season that are just too much money for me to fly too... Huge bummer!!! If he was in California, Arizona, or anywhere Southwest flies too I would most likely visit and catch one of his games every month... But, unfortunately that is not the case... Baseball why do you hate us girlfriends so much? ha ha
All in all I miss watching Ant play ball and my goal for next year is to catch some of his games... Hopefully he will be in Modesto Ca. So I won't  have to travel far at all... (cross your fingers and knock on wood!!!) That would just be the best!! :)
I just wanna get together with my girlfriends
have some drinks
 and watch a baseball game... :)


  1. It's such a pain when the teams aren't in Southwest cities! Sorry you haven't gotten to see him play...crossing my fingers he is in Cal League next year cuz it's the best league ever for us Cali girls!! Love your blog!

  2. It most def. is the best league for us Cali Girls ha ha! Thank you for reading my blog! And all the best to you and your baseball boy :)