Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Things are difficult before they are easy..."

Ain't that the TRUTH...

Walking was once difficult... NOW... Easy
Talking was once difficult... NOW... Easy
Typing was once difficult... NOW... Easy

okay... So you get where I am going with this quote!!

Long distance... Never gets easy for me but, then again I am only in  my 2nd season with this whole thing. Saying goodbye to a love one is something that I personally feel is heartbreaking. I hate saying goodbyes to Ant. I call em the "See ya Laters!" cause there is just something about the word "Goodbye!" that makes me cringe! Goodbye to me is something that sounds permanent... almost like your never going to see the person again therefore I hate GOODBYES and the word GOODBYE!! 

Okay... I got a little off track here sorry... Back to my love for this quote ("Things are difficult before they are easy.") I love this quote because it fits my lifestyle right now. I have felt the difficult days and times and sometimes they feel never ending but, then there are days where I feel I have gotten the hang of this lifestyle and it becomes a little easier NEVER EASY... but easier!! ha ha Goodbyes have become See ya laters which has made leaving my loved one easier for me!!  

Lately I have been feeling the BLUES... kinda lame, I know... especially when there is so much in this world to be happy for and to find happiness in! It has been about 2 Months sense I have last seen Anthony... Kinda depressing! But, I guess I should be glad time is going by and not at a stand still because that would just be awful!! On a happy note there is about 6 more weeks left till I see my man and for that I am extremely happy!!!  

Hope you all have a Happy Tuesday!!

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