Sunday, July 10, 2011

Funny People!!!

Most of our friends say we are perfect for each other. Exactly the same people just i am a female and he is male! If you know me and Anthony you know that we are very carefree, love to laugh, and are always saying the randomised sometimes most ridiculous things. I am probably worse then Ant when it comes to saying really ridiculous things...
I once on our drive from San Jose to Orange County to visit Ant's Family almost convinced Ant that Alaska was NOT a state! i Genuinely thought it wasn't... and my amazingly ridiculous statement got Ant questioning whether it was or wasn't a State too! On our 6 hour drive Anthony had to call 3 of his friends to make sure Alaska really was a State all because of my nonsense...
I now know that Alaska is Most Definitely A State!!! So if any of you were curious Alaska is a State! ha ha

The first time I ever met Anthony's Family I managed to make an Utter fool of myself....
You know how meeting the parents of your boyfriend is always really nerve racking and super scary well try having to fly in alone and see them and stay at there house for a whole 5 days... that means meals, showers, pooping, peeing all in the same house under the same roof. there is no escaping when you make a fool of yourself...
Anyways, with that said the very first day i arrived at Anthony's house i met his whole family. Mom, dad, 3 brothers, and sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, dogs, aunts and uncles dogs, EVERYBODY!!! HA HA! That night me and Ant were going out to one of his friends houses to hangout and so i could meet them. it was around 9:00 at night (very dark out in my defense) ... So, i was walking down his front steps to his truck and BOOFFF... THERE I WENT STUMBLING DOWN THE STEPS... and all i hear is his dad out the window and his family who was watching us leave go "OH MY GOD SHE JUST FELL DOWN THE STEPS AND EVERYONE LAUGHING AT ME !" ha ha so incredibly embarrassing... I bounced up laughing and looked at Ant and he was just hysterically laughing at me!!!
 I am a complete KLUTZ! 

The Day i was leaving to fly back home to San Jose (AFTER my trip meeting Ant's family for the first time) and was saying my goodbyes to Anthony's family i mistaked Anthony's Dad for Anthony and made another complete fool of myself! 
So, Anthony and his dad both had royal blue SJSU shirts on so when i saw a man standing in a royal blue SJSU shirt with his back turned I thought it was Anthony so, i decided to give him a good tap on the back ... not like a  CUTE LOVE TAP... BUT A LIL HARDER... yeah, so i gave a good WACK in the back to who i thought was Anthony but when the man turned around little to my surprise it was Anthony's Dad Louie....  Another embarrassing moment that I was put on blast with that everyone saw including Anthony!!! ha ha ha!! Everyone started laughing at me again! lol 
I guess you could say it was a very eventful meeting the boyfriends parents for the first time visit!! ha ha ha!

Anyways... I just wanna give a BIG HUGE thank you to my BOYFRIEND ANTHONY AGUILERA for staying with me after all my crazy nonsense and silly mistakes! ha ha 
There is definitely never a dull moment!

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