Sunday, July 17, 2011

Love Happens!

Boy Meets Girl
Girl and Boy Fall in Love!!

I am a simple girl and I live a very simple life. I try to stay positive and happy no matter what life throws my way, or what unexpected twist of events occurs. I am a girl who never thought love would find her and always lived my life hoping one day it would. I always thought about the boy I would fall head over heels in love with and what he would look like or who he would be. 

 let me tell you a story of what Anthony's gramps told him about the girl he would fall in love with. Anthony's gramps told him before he left for college at San Jose State that he would fall in love with a girl in Northern California while he was away at college.  The first thing Anthony said to me after he told me He loved me for the first time was "Steph, my gramps was right. He said I would find my girl in San Jose and fall in love!" ( Grampa's do know best!!!  ha ha! )

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