Sunday, July 10, 2011

From Washington to North Carolina...

I was just settling with Anthony being in Washington and Playing for the Dust Devils and now what do you know baseball throws me a curve ball... Anthony is getting moved up to play for Asheville North Carolina's Tourists... Great news... but, leads me with a bunch of new adjustments.... 3 hour time difference and him being all the way across the country is kinda a huge bummer... but, i am so so so so so proud of the guy!

 Hello Asheville!!!

Goodbye Tri-City!!!

Oh Baseball what am I going to do with you?
I texted Anthony yesterday and said "Anthony I am way jealous of you!"
His response was "Why babe?"
My response "Cause you get to travel and have all expenses paid, Live out your dream, and you have an amazing girlfriend who supports and stands by you!"
His response was " haha Steph! but, baseball isn't all glamourous all the time!"

And it got me thinking....
Baseball is his life... he gave up so much for this dream. Its pressured filled and tons of hard work! 
And made me realize I am not so jealous of his life! haha 
I could never be away from my family, friends, lil pups, or live a very unpredictable life. 
but, i kind of already live that unpredictable life dating Anthony! hahah
There is no winning with you is there baseball!!! haha

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