Friday, July 15, 2011

This Magic Moment!!!

As I am laying in my bed with my computer in my lap listening to Anthony's game a memory popped into my head; One that I would like to share. Such a bittersweet, emotional moment to say the least...

The moment I am talking about happened  in February 2010. I was in San Jose with Anthony helping him pack up his room in his house in San Jose to take it all back down to Orange County to his parents house so, they could store it while he left to chase his baseball dream. It was the saddest drive I had ever took with Anthony down to Orange County. I knew in my head that this would be my last couple days as a normal couple before he left me to go play baseball for the Colorado Rockies Organization. We both were silent most of the drive and if there was anyone in the car with us they could tell that their was something on each of our minds. If you know me and Anthony you know that their is never a dull moment let alone a dull 6 hour drive down to Southern California but, in this case it most definitely was dull.

We got to Anthony's house where a whole bunch of people i didn't know were there to send him off and wish him well on his baseball journey. His parents had surprised him with a Congrats/Send off party. He got to say his goodbyes to his family and he got to say bye to his dearest friends. It was just what he needed. A bunch of fun and drinks before he left for baseball.

We wake up the next morning and have a lazy day at his house with his family. My flight back home to San Jose was at 9:00pm so the whole day I was feeling pretty bummed out. We each were trying to figure out ways for me to stay longer and delay the ever so hard last goodbye. Never the less there was no way i could delay it.  7:00pm came around quite quick unfortunately. It was time for Anthony to take me to the Ontario Airport approx. 45 minutes from his house.

Now this drive was also silent but filled with tons of tears... I was sitting in the passenger seat balling my eyes out and he was in the drivers seat wiping his tears away as they came. During the breaks of silent one of us would say something along the lines of "I love You" or "I'm going to miss you" to the other! When we got to the airport We decided to park the car and say our goodbyes. I just remember immediately jumping in his lap and hugging him and crying on his shoulder and never wanting to let go. Both of us with tears in our eyes trying to be strong and say our goodbyes but it just wasn't happening too well.

So, finally I just had to go or I would miss my flight and I remember as I was getting the courage up to get out of the car and wiping my tears and calming my breathing this Taylor Swift song came on! Anthony hates Taylor Swift and well I am a fan of hers so I instantly started giggling and then he started to laugh. It was a goodbye filled with many emotions. It wasn't perfect but, what good bye ever is perfect. He didn't run back into the airport and give me a kiss or tell me to stay and go away with him like the movies...  ha ha But, Its a goodbye and a moment in my life I will never forget. It was a special moment because it was our first real goodbye to each other and a huge stepping stone in our relationship!

Here I am a year later doing the same thing and still alive ha ha and stronger than I ever thought I could ever be!! And I am even more in love With Anthony than I ever thought possible!!!

I love you my Blue eyed Babe!!

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