Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Its about that time! Tanning, Swim Suits, and Sun Dresses!!!!!

Here are some cute swim suits i found and some amazing little cover ups!

Jessica Simpson

Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret
Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret

Monday, April 25, 2011

Highlight from Easter!

One of the highlights from my Easter was playing with my little cousins Brody and Landon. Brody just turned 2 and Landon is 4; they are the cutest little boys in the world, and so much fun to play with. I just love them! i think i just love kids in general haha

Saturday, April 23, 2011


My Family!!!

Tomorrow is easter and a day filled with friends, family, and love. Tomorrow i will spend all day with my family. I come from a huge family. a family full of loving people, who care about everyone so much; no matter who they are, what they believe in, or who they love. and to me thats family. family is an unconditional love that you know will always be there. I depend on my family alot. you see i have the type of family that when something happens or is wrong it travels through the phone line from san jose to gilroy to san diego because everyone care and is there to help and give love and support. My family is my support team, and they are more than i could ever of asked for.  So tomorrow along with celebrating the holiday it will just be another excuse for everyone in my family to get together and have a ton of fun and for that i am so excited for!!!

everyone have a happy easter!!! :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

P.S. at this time next Wednesday I will be with Ant in Arizona... Yay!

 Halloween 2010  

My Obsession!

I have recently become obsessed with vintage, old antique furniture, and tiffany blue!

I saw this picture of a kitchen and just fell in love... its so calming, peaceful, and inviting!

How Cute Are These Appliances!

I could see myself relaxing and reading a book in a room like this

I love a soft yellow it really makes a room sunny and happy!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Giants vs D-Backs!

Anthony and Uncle Dave!

Yesterday Anthony had his very first day off in awhile. He asked me on Monday if i could ask my uncle for tickets to the Giants game because they were playing the Diamond Backs in Arizona and him and a couple of his buddies wanted to go. So... i texted my uncle and he got Ant and his friends tickets for the game yesterday! ( Funny how these boys play baseball every day and for their one day off  they want to go to a baseball game! haha)  Anthony texted me "Steph, i am sitting next to Freddie Sanchez's wife, kids, and his grandma!!!!" It makes me so happy that i could do something for Ant all the way from San Jose  to make his stay in Arizona a little happier. Most of the time when he is away and things happen or go wrong i feel so helpless being so far away and it was nice for a change to be able to do something for him! I get to see Anthony in about 10 days and i am so excited i haven't seen him in over a month it is driving me crazy! haha 

I watch this clip of Brandon Belt getting the opportunity to play in the BIGs and it gives  me chills how real these players and coaches are!!!

Everyone Watch SF Giants The Franchise on Showtime July 14th

I love country music and I love the movie Country Strong.. obsessed! :)

Dream Big!!!

Ever Wonder where you will be in 1, 3,5,maybe even 10 years. Being in my last year of college i find myself always thinking of whats going to come next. I worry about the outcome of my life. All these years i have been the artist to my life canvas... i have gone to school,played soccer, and developed the person i have become. I can only hope for the best and dream as big as i can. With my boyfriend away at baseball chasing his dream of playing pro baseball i have created a list of dreams i want to accomplish while he is in season to help me better myself and keep busy! haha

1. Run a 10k (May 8th 2011)
2. Run a half marathon through Disneyland (Sept. 2011)
3. Graduate from SJSU  (2012)
4. Start selling my quilts and crafts online
5. enjoy everyday and stop worrying about the future
6. BE HAPPY!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

In my free time i enjoy sewing things!

these are just some of the quilts i have made!

We are basically the same people just in female and male form...  haha

A little About me

Anthony and I! :)

My name is Stephanie Righetti I am born in raised in San Jose Ca. I grew up in a family of baseball players. My papa played for the Yankees, my uncle played for the Yankees and is now the SF Giants pitching coach, and my Dad was drafter by the Texas Rangers and played in their minor league system, and my boyfriend is playing in the Colorado Rockies minor league System. (Is that enough baseball for ya!?) Growing up and being the first girl in my family to come along it was probably predicted that i play softball ... but of course that wasn't the case and i decided to play soccer. I am currently in my last year at SJSU and i played 4 years of soccer there as well. ( So glad it is almost over! yess!) I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to play the sport i love in college and make such amazing friends and memories to last me a life time.

While attending SJSU i met my Boyfriend Anthony. Ant was a junior transfer out of Fullerton JC coming to SJSU to play baseball. I being a baseball fan always attended our schools baseball games. Anthony was the catcher and i would always tell my friends i just thought he was adorable... but i was a freshman and he was a junior so i just figured it would only ever be a little crush and nothing would come of it!  After all Anthony was older and just seemed so mature and focused ( haha oh how i was wrong about that!!)... little to my surprise one of our mutual friends invited us both over to play some Sheraids... we officially met and got to talking and he asked me out on our first official date and we have been together ever sense!

In June Anthony was hoping to get drafted to play baseball for any major league team... The drafted happened and unfortunately for Ant his dreams of playing pro baseball were over. That summer was the most difficult thing our relationship had ever endured. Anthony didn't know who he was without baseball and almost felt lost in life. He was no longer Anthony Aguilera the catcher ,but only Anthony Aguilera! It was a huge adjustment for not only him but me. i felt so helpless in those months and just prayed and prayed every night for a miracle to come. i would tell Ant every day to never give up and just believe in his abilities cause something will come knocking... He of course being the nice guy he is just went along with my silly little feeling that something great would come along for him if he just believed , kept prayer, and never gave up....

November 2009 A scout called Anthony when he was at home for Thanksgiving about a contract with the Colorado Rockies and if he would be interested... It was of course for no money but for an amazing opportunity to make his dreams of being a professional baseball player come true! He accepted the offer! I was in San Jose having Thanksgiving with my family and got a call from him telling me the amazing news... tears came to my eyes... i was filled with happiness for him! (I know every girlfriend thinks their boyfriend is great and believes he deserves his hopes and dreams and what kind of girlfriends would we be if we didn't) i was so happy and excited for him and i know he will take this second chance at his dream and go far with it because of the type of person he is!

Anthony signing with the Rockies meant our life was going to change... no going to school together, hanging out after school, getting dinner, going to the movies, ext. all very small things that i took for granted! Anthony being signed meant 6 months apart from each other. Long distance relationships are not the easiest things to conquer but we have been making it work for two years now! the off seasons are like little mini honeymoons... and the three-five day visits every month or every other months are moments and times i cherish!

Its not an easy road, but it has definitely made me stronger, and our relationship stronger!

and that's just a little about me!

this quote best describes my Relationship

"Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own."