Monday, April 18, 2011

Dream Big!!!

Ever Wonder where you will be in 1, 3,5,maybe even 10 years. Being in my last year of college i find myself always thinking of whats going to come next. I worry about the outcome of my life. All these years i have been the artist to my life canvas... i have gone to school,played soccer, and developed the person i have become. I can only hope for the best and dream as big as i can. With my boyfriend away at baseball chasing his dream of playing pro baseball i have created a list of dreams i want to accomplish while he is in season to help me better myself and keep busy! haha

1. Run a 10k (May 8th 2011)
2. Run a half marathon through Disneyland (Sept. 2011)
3. Graduate from SJSU  (2012)
4. Start selling my quilts and crafts online
5. enjoy everyday and stop worrying about the future
6. BE HAPPY!!!

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