Monday, April 18, 2011

Giants vs D-Backs!

Anthony and Uncle Dave!

Yesterday Anthony had his very first day off in awhile. He asked me on Monday if i could ask my uncle for tickets to the Giants game because they were playing the Diamond Backs in Arizona and him and a couple of his buddies wanted to go. So... i texted my uncle and he got Ant and his friends tickets for the game yesterday! ( Funny how these boys play baseball every day and for their one day off  they want to go to a baseball game! haha)  Anthony texted me "Steph, i am sitting next to Freddie Sanchez's wife, kids, and his grandma!!!!" It makes me so happy that i could do something for Ant all the way from San Jose  to make his stay in Arizona a little happier. Most of the time when he is away and things happen or go wrong i feel so helpless being so far away and it was nice for a change to be able to do something for him! I get to see Anthony in about 10 days and i am so excited i haven't seen him in over a month it is driving me crazy! haha 

I watch this clip of Brandon Belt getting the opportunity to play in the BIGs and it gives  me chills how real these players and coaches are!!!

Everyone Watch SF Giants The Franchise on Showtime July 14th

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