Friday, May 4, 2012

In my life there are 2 Seasons not 4!

Baby faces!

Lately, I have been thinking about life. My life. I realized that since Anthony plays baseball I don't really have Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. I have Season and off Season. ha ha. Basically season is 6 months and off season is 6 months. Give of take some weeks or months for playoffs or winter ball. From the end of February to the beginning or end of September is Season then from October to about mid February is Off season. Off season equals my favorite season ever. That includes being a normal everyday couple- Seeing each other everyday, dinner dates, Weddings with a +1, and all that normal couple stuff.  I don't know if I would consider the off season really off season because, Technically Anthony is still in full baseball mode during the off-season. There really is no off button when it comes to baseball with the kid. So every day... yes, everyday... even saturday and sundays ( boo. ) He is going to the gym, going on a run, going to the cages, going to the field, watching video on how to improve his game, and at night he is watching baseball on ESPN. There is no escaping the world of baseball when I have Ant as my Finance. Off season or Season its always baseball, baseball, baseball! ha ha  I have slowly realized over the past 3 years that in order for me to get time with ant I either have to join him at the gym, tag along on one of his runs, or go hit at the cages with him.... I don't know if I even consider this spending time together ha ha. Ill take what I can get.

It has been over a month sense I have seen Anthony. He is stuck in extended Spring training in Arizona aka- The place no ball player ever wants to be. He texts me every morning at about 5:30am saying good morning and, then he is off to baseball till about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. so, At around 4:00pm Ill hear from him again. Poor guy probably gets to annoyed of me. I swear I text him about 100 times telling him how my day is going ha ha. He probably walks back to the locker room to a phone that says "Stephanie (25) text messages" (sorry Ant.) I can't help it I love the kid and just wanna tell him my whole life story every day. Even though after spending almost 10 hours in the hot Arizona sun thats probably the last thing he wants to do is read my texts or listen to me ramble... He does it and I am so appreciative of it. But, I am happy to say that in almost one month I will get to see him and at least for the time we are together the "Stephanie (25) text messages"message he normally gets will stop. ha ha He is probably more stoked for that than actually seeing me!!! just kidding...  On another note, I think Anthony is taking full advantage of his precious tanning time in the beautiful Arizona sun. I swear he has more time to tan than I do. He is about 10 times tanner than me... totally not okay! I told him he has to take it easy with the sun because, I don't wanna look too pale next to him. I am secretly just super jealous and wish I had time to tan like he does. School and work have taken over my life... I am happy to say in 20 days I will be college graduate and then I will take full advantage of the sun, pool, and precious tanning hours! but, till then my head will remain in my books or my computer! ha ha

College Graduation 21 days
See Anthony 31 days

Yay, for countdowns!

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