Monday, October 10, 2011

1st month of the Boyfriend being back!!! :)

Time sure does fly...
I still can't believe Anthony has been home a month!
Its been a crazy busy month to say the least.
I am in my last year of school so, my focus needs to be mainly on school but, who wants to go to school when their boyfriend (who they haven't seen for 6 months) is home!!! Anthony being home makes me going to school and staying motivated on my education a tad harder than normal but, I am so glad to have him in San Jose with me this off season that I cannot complain!! 
Since Anthony has been home we have gone to a a wedding, visited his family down south, went to a football game and went to the lake with friends! all in all its been a pretty crazy fun month. I feel like we have to squish a years worth of activities into 6 months and that is super hard to do sometimes! haha
At the wedding...

at the football game!!
 I wish more than anything that these 6 months wont fly by but i already get the feeling they are going too and March 1st will be here before i know it! ill enjoy my time with the boyfriend till then! haha 

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