Thursday, January 19, 2012


The off season is slowly coming to an end. There is about a month left before Ant has to leave me and return to his other love, BASEBALL. (sad sigh) This off season has been filled with so many great memories and fun times. Ant recently put a ring on it (WOO-HOO). So, I am excited to say that within the next year and a half I will be marrying the man of my dreams, my best friend, and partner in crime Anthony Louis Aguilera. ha ha. I am beyond excited about being engaged and planning the big day. But, not so excited about the goodbye I have to prepare myself for in the next month. (Boo) Is it just me or around the last month of the off season everything becomes a fight because I become this sad, insecure, needy person...? (please say it is not just me) This will be my 3rd year saying goodbye to Ant as he leaves me for yet another spring training  and baseball season. Your probably thinking I should be a pro at goodbyes by now... Well, truth is I have gotten a lot better. I no longer go cry my eyes out in my bedroom for days. I now say goodbye and cry for like 2 hours. (baby steps) How does someone get used to saying goodbye to their loved one? It just is not an easy thing to do... I feel so blessed everyday in the off season that I get to wake up and see his face, I try so hard not to take any of the time we have together for granted, and I know we are fortunate to not continue a long distance relationship in the off season, like many others have too. I thank god everyday for my many blessings and the opportunity he has given Anthony with baseball. I love baseball and the happiness it brings Ant but, to be honest I am not such a fan of the tears, lonely nights, and stress it brings me as his support team. The off season is like the stress-free, relax, happy time. (basically, I come out of depression in the off season) This baseball life is full of unpredictable moments, stress, anxiety, and tears. But, this baseball life is also full of excitement, living in the moment, greatness, and tears of joy... So, i guess what i am saying is I will take the stress, anxiety, and tears any day because I know those glimpses of greatness and pure joy are worth it all. I don't know what this season has in store for us but, what I love about the beginning of the season and spring training is anything is possible and no dream is far fetched. (California League... Please ha ha)  

Shout out to all the other baseball girlfriends, fiances, and wives you guys are amazing. And to all the amazing bloggers who also share their stories and advice Thank you, because you have helped me get through so much. Just knowing there are other girls out there that go through and feel how i do truly does help. love love love...


  1. I just got engaged too!!! Congrats girl!!

  2. Congratulations on your engagement! Hopefully, you can keep yourself busy by planning the big day!
    I used to be the same the month before a trip (fighting over everything). Now that we have 3 kids, I don't have time for it. I really savor every moment we have together.
    And I can't cry like I used to when he leaves, because I have to be strong for my crying kids.
    It is such a love/hate relationship with baseball.
    It has become easier! So hang in there!