Saturday, March 3, 2012


Today: March 3rd, 2012-Minor League Camp For the Colorado Rockies Begins!
I said my goodbye to Anthony Last Sunday February 29th, 2012. In the past our goodbyes have been filled with tears and long hugs. This year our goodbye was short in sweet due to the fact that long drawn out goodbyes filled with multiple hugs and me balling my eyes out don't go over too well. So, we hugged and kissed and I held back my tears till he was out the door, and then I began balling my eyes out. I wish Anthony an amazing season filled with success and good health. I pray every night for Anthony and all the other baseball players, wives, gf's, and wives to be. I pray god gives them all STRENGTH- to get through the obstacles this baseball life-style throws their way. I pray god gives them COURAGE- to make tough, maybe life changing decisions. I pray god gives them HAPPINESS- because, sometimes it is tough to find happiness on days where you feel alone, miss your loved one, and on those long stretches of not seeing each other for months or weeks at a time. This is Anthony and I's 3rd season of doing long distance. I feel like it never gets any easier saying goodbye or being alone. Even though it is my 3rd season and by now I should know what to expect... I truly never do. Baseball is so unpredictable. One day I think one thing and then the next day baseball will have me thinking something else. You can never underestimate baseball because, it is filled with surprises that will throw you for loops. In order for me to stay less focused on Baseball and try to enjoy the ride it puts me  and Anthony on. I fill my everyday from sun up to sun down. Keeping myself busy while Anthony is gone... Is key! I currently have 2.5 months of school left till I graduate, I nanny on my days I don't have school, and recently I have gone on a fitness quest to lose weight and be where I want to be for my wedding day. All in All this keeps me going and takes my mind off Anthony being gone, and baseball! I am not going to lie to you- I secretly have Printed out Calendars and printed Schedules for each of the teams Anthony could be on after Spring training. Each Schedule is  Highlighted on the weeks to visit him, games I could possible go to, and fun summer plans too keep distracted. I am a planner. I love being organized, and having things drawn out on paper so, I can physically see what I have to do and, what I have to look forward too. Long Distance is tough. Probably one of the toughest things our relationship will endure. We have gone a total of 6 months without visits, or seeing each other. If we can get through that, I am confident we can get through anything god or life throws our way!! 

Stay Positive, and Try to find the Beauty in your everyday!! :) 

xoxox- Steph!  :))

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