Wednesday, May 11, 2011

my loves, my hopes, my dreams!

MY LOVES: family, friends, coffee, bike rides, beach, camping, boating, hiking, laughing, swimming, long relaxing runs, kids, jokes, country music, quotes, sprinklers, home videos, old photos and new photos, vacations, road trips, the sun, and lastly Anthony!

MY HOPES: to be healthy, be happy, be loved, be cared for, be successful, to love unconditionally, to always be understanding, realize a good thing when i see one, have no regrets, live life to the fullest!!!

MY DREAMS: To travel to Italy, Portugal, and Greece, Get married, have kids, make a house a home, Be a role model, be a helping hand whenever I can, give back, help others!

there is probably tons more but this is just a quick list! <3

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