Monday, May 2, 2011

Tough Days!

Today was a hard day! I spent 4 days with Anthony in Arizona for baseball and had to say my "see ya soons" this morning when he dropped me off for my flight back to San Jose! My time spent with Anthony in Arizona was great we went to the Arizona mall and its like 4 stories of pure amazingness... and we came across this amazing fountain and like the huge dorks we are we decided to throw pennies in. We made our wishes and threw the pennies into the fountain. I wished for what i pray for every night.... Strength! strength to get through the distance, the obstacles, and strength for Anthony to never give up no matter how tough it may be for him. We went to a cute wine pub with Anthony's friend Gibby and his girlfriend, and spent a lot of hours just hanging out and talking... something i used to take for granted, but now very much enjoy!  Its always hard to say goodbye to someone you love especially when you don't know when the next time you will see them will be! In the minor leagues every day something can happen and there is no such thing a sure thing... This may be my last time seeing Anthony before his off season in September because, where Anthony will end up being placed is super expensive to fly to, and takes months in advance preparation for, and i cant plan months in advance due to the fact that he could be moved at any given moment! We promised each other we are going to give 100% no matter what and just stay strong through these times and just let go of trying to plan and just see what happens... Long Distance Relationships do Suck, but when you find someone who is worth doing it for it makes it suck a little less!

On tough days like today i try and think of happy, funny, amazing memories to cheer me up!
So long ago but such a favorite!!

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