Thursday, May 5, 2011


tonight was my last soccer thing ever. i had my end of the season banquet. watching the slide show and highlight video of this past season made me feel so blessed for my amazing friends and the supportive people around me but i could not help but miss one special person .... anthony!

I wish Anthony could be around more so we could experience moments in each others lives together rather than apart, but i know one day that will all be able to happen and that is what keeps me going. i wish i was on his journey of conquering his baseball dream and he wishes he could be there for me when i graduate from San Jose State or whatever it may be! We are each others biggest fans no matter where we are and to me that will ALWAYS be enough.

Long Distance is not easy and i give anyone who does it all the credit in the world.

He is my best friend! September please come here QUICK!!

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