Friday, August 12, 2011

Antsy Antsy Antsy!!!

Next week is my 22nd birthday and this upcoming spring I graduate with my Bachelors Degree in Creative Arts. So, I have this weird anxiety and anxiousness to grow up and figure out my future. Well last night I proposed a proposition to my boyfriend...

my text went like this: (Me)
"I think that once i am done with school and graduate this spring i take the summer off to be with you and watch you play ball cause then we will both get what we want. you get baseball, I get you, and I get to watch you play. What do ya say babe?"

His response:(Anthony)
"Yeah I like that but what I don't like is you not having an income Steph. That's very important for  our future."
 "Income is important babe."

My text (Me)
"I just wanna see you play and be with you!"
"It sucks for once can i have a fastball down the middle and hit a walk off grand slam to win the series!! shit ha ha. Baseball is hardball"

I guess I should be happy that Anthony is thinking of a future with me and its important to him that we are stable financially. But, I wanna be irresponsible and enjoy the baseball life with him even if it may only be for a month or two. I know that just isn't possible because we need to both be saving and making smart money choices so our future together. I am so antsy to grow up and figure my life out and i am only 22 is there something wrong with this? haha Off season please come soon and bring my boyfriend home safely or i just might go crazy!! haha


  1. GO!!! I worked odd jobs and it all worked out! We didn't have to pay for two rental places and I waited tables (with my college degree). Ha! Love makes you do crazy things!

    Baseball doesn't last forever! Enjoy it while you can!

    ~Veteran baseball Wife :)

  2. Haha thank you so much for your advice and I think I am going to take it! You only live once right so, I better enjoy this time while I can! Love sure does make you do crazy things!
    Thanks so much :)