Friday, August 19, 2011

The Trick...

The trick is to enjoy life and not wish away your days waiting for better ones to come.
I actually find myself wishing away a lot of days during baseball season, and I find myself wanting time to slow down in the off season. Don't get me wrong I fully enjoy my days, but I do sometimes wish time away just so the days go by so I can be in the off season and live a little bit of a normal life with my baseball boyfriend. I haven't seen Ant sense June 8th that was over 2 months ago. Distance really does take its toll on our relationship. All we have is our phones and our computers to communicate and stay close. I find myself living my days by my phone waiting for a call or a text, and I know that is no way to live but at this moment in my life its the only way I can stay close with my boyfriend and have a relationship. It sucks... I hate texting because things sometimes get taken the wrong way due to the fact you cant see the expression or hear the expression of the person writing the text. I can't be sarcastic in a text without saying lol or ha ha otherwise it is taken the wrong way. When we talk on the phone on road trips or spring training where Ant shares a room with a roomie we have to have a secret word we say like "Bull dog" when the roommate comes in the room and it now becomes awkward talking on the phone and we have to say goodbye and text! (Bulldog is my "Q" to say "okay babe love you bye"... so Ant doesn't have to say "hey my roomie just came in the room and its awkward now" lol) The roommate always has the worst timing! ha ha Skyping is nearly impossible with the time difference me and Anthony have. Me being in California and him being across the country in North Carolina which is 3 hours ahead and that really blows the big one!!! 
Here's the Daily Schedule...
Ant wakes up at 12:00 (Asheville time )which is (9:00 Cali time) I am up by 7:30 (cali time) to go nanny.
Ant goes to the field around 2:30 (Asheville time)  which is 11:30 (Cali time) for hitting and bullpen stuff  that means no phone till after the game or he gets fined. Ants game starts at 7:00 (Asheville time) which is 4:00 (Cali time). When Ant's game is going on I am just getting off work and getting ready to go on a run. Ant's game ends around 10:30-11:00 (Asheville time) which is (7:30-8:00 Cali time) After his game I usually get my first and only call of the day when he is waiting for his ride home and the conversation usually lasts about 5 minutes and we basically talk about our days. Then after the game is over at like 11:00 (Asheville time) 8:00 (cali time) he usually eats, goes home and sleeps, goes out , or plays video games with his roomies. If he goes out I usually get a text saying "Hey babe, I am going out with the guys tonight. I love you." Then i'll respond with a text like "okay, have fun, be safe, and please text me when you get home love you" So basically we have a an hour to two hours a day to talk to each other. Next week I start school back up and he is in his last 2 weeks of baseball which means less talking than ever ha ha... Yikes.
Time difference you suck, long distance you stink, and baseball I HATE YOU!!! 
Thank god there is only 3 weeks left approx. 17 days till my baseball boy returns or I might go nuts oh!!! ha ha 
I can't wait to have Anthony back and stop living by my phone and stop wishing time away! 

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