Thursday, August 25, 2011

Remind Me...

March 1st, 2011 ....
6 Months ago Anthony left me for his childhood love... Baseball! I remember that day like it was just yesterday. I remember every emotion I felt, trying to make him stay a little longer, and trying to get one last hug and kiss in. I remember feeling like someone shot me in the heart and like I couldn't get through another season apart from him. I remember thinking when is it not going to be like this, and there will be no more goodbyes. I walked him to his truck, tears streaming down my face, and saw him leave me again  for his 2nd season of baseball. I remember walking back in my house going straight to my room closing the door and crying into my pillow for hours. No one can ever prepare them selves for someone you love leaving you and then on top of that them being gone for 6 to 7 months. Its almost as if for 6 months of the year I am a different person than I am for the other 6 months that Anthony is home. Its crazy the adjustments that one has to make when someone leaves or is coming back into there daily life again. 

Here I am 6 months later... Surviving the distance, stronger than ever before, and I now have a great couple blog friendships with other baseball wives, fiances, and girlfriends. I feel so thankful for the past 6 months and the amazing things it has brought me and taught me. Just when I had given up and thought I couldn't do it again there I went surprising myself and did it all again. I am not going to lie there was quite a few dark dark days here and there that I just wanted to call it quits and give up this crazy lifestyle but, many of your blogs have helped me pull through and gave me hope to keep pushing on so Thank you!! I guess just knowing that my crazy feelings are felt by others makes me feel more sane rather than insane! ha ha 

I am beyond excited to have Anthony back in 11 or so days. It truly feels so unbelievable to me I still haven't wrapped my head around it. I know in many of my posts I say I Hate baseball and I do hate it sometimes but for the most part I secretly love it and all the ciaos it causes! 


  1. you have to love baseball for the fact that it keeps your relationship interesting, at the very least :) what would we do if we all dated guys who actually stayed in town for the entire year? and who we never got to fly to go visit. and never got any butterflies bc he was coming home in one week? :) i can't wait to see my man either ..... this is one of my favorite times of the year .. "the butterflies"

  2. Is it sad that i still have a week till he is home and the Butterflies are already flying all around me... I feel like i have fallen in love all over again hahaha!