Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Its not the product its the process...

I learned today in one of my classes or maybe not learned but what i took away from class tonight was its not the product thats important its the process in which you took to get the product thats important. In todays society their is so much pressure on producing an amazing product that we often forget the journey or process on which we took or went on to get such product.

Why that stuck out to me is because right now i feel i am so worried about the outcome or the end product of my life that i am not fully enjoying this amazing ride i am on on trying to get that product. I know this might all be far fetched and i am relating something out of left field to my life, but it hit home with me.
I feel like this journey of Anthony chasing his childhood dream of trying to be a Big Leaguer is amazing and so so so rare, and the journey i am on supporting him and my ups and downs of being a long distance girlfriend to a minor league ball player need to be documented. This journey is a crazy one and has many amazing moments and creates such caious that i feel we need to capture it all on paper, pictures, or something. I know many of you who may read my blog are also baseball players girlfriends, wives, fiances and i think we are all in agreement that this baseball lifestyle is hectic, fun, crazy, and amazing! I just think we need to start documenting it all...

I don't know am i completely nuts? haha please tell me i am not! Anyways back to me loving my class tonight and what i took away from it. I believe its not whether Anthony makes it to the Big Leagues but that he takes the most out of the journey he is on to get there and I believe i need to do the same because this doesn't last forever and while it does it needs to be enjoyed and remembered so i can maybe 20 years from know look back and read or see or something about this crazy time in our life!

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