Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I am a very family oriented girl. I have one of those huge families that always finds some silly reason so have a BBQ or a get together!! I love it!!! I have never lived away from my family for when I had the chance to when picking colleges for soccer one of my biggest things was it had to be close to home so my family could watch my games..( not typical for a girl going into college. Most people wanna escape there families and hometowns... not me!!) ha ha Ever sense I can remember I have been going to my grandparents house maybe 5 times a week with my brother, sister, and cousins. Weather it was to swim, hangout, get gram and papa time, or just so my parents could go to work and we could have a baby sitter. (My parents tried the whole having a non family baby sitter but, it didn't sit well  with them so, they would just drop me,my bro, and sis at my gram and papas!) As I have gotten older I haven't skipped out on any of my weekly visits to my grams house. It's probably one of my favorite places on earth. I love that when you go over to visit that their is always someone else their visiting as well. When I was 2 my dad would wake me, my bro,and sis up every morning around 5:30am and pick us all up out of bed and carry us to the car so, he could drop us off at my grams before he went to work. When he would drop us off we all would run to my gram and papas bed and jump in bed with them to sleep till it was a decent time to wake up! Those were the days! ha ha. I love my family and I feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life that i love and love me unconditionally.

This Thursday my whole entire family leaves for our annual summer camping/boating trip. Its pure amazing-ness!! 3 motor homes, 3 boats, 3 jet ski's, and lots and lots of great BBQ food!! A whole week of family and fun love love love!!

This brings me to the point of this family post...
When I first started dating Anthony I told him I am a homebody and very family oriented. It was important to me that he met my WHOLE family and come to family things with me. He told me he was very family oriented and his family was very important to him as well. I love that I have a boyfriend who shares the same love for family as I do. Me and Anthony have been together 3 years and I now don't just have 1 family I have 2. I love his family so much and they have become my 2nd family. His little sister is  my 2nd little sister she is one of my favorite people, his 3 brothers crack me up, his grandparents are exactly like my grandparents; I love it (It's kinda scary how alike they are.) His mom is a sweetheart and probably one of the nicest people ever, and his dad likes to make jokes sometimes at my expense ha ha just like my own dad does!! Its like my family away from home when I go down south to visit and I just love every lil bit of it all!!

One thing that makes me kinda sad is that me and Anthony have been together about 3 years now and hour families have never ever met... :( It's hard with them being from 2 different places... but, one day they will all meet and for that I am a tad bit excited about!!!

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