Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Boyfriend!!

My boyfriend... 
Everybody meet my Boyfriend Anthony... 
Say Hi!! ha ha

He doesn't talk future
He isn't Mr. Mushy Mush
He loves Football
He watches Football whenever he can
He plays baseball
He is all about looking good
He is not the most romantic guy, but he tries
He is not very emotional
He is hilarious
He makes me smile
He makes me laugh
He makes me better
He loves me to the moon and back (he said so himself) ha ha
He makes me love him more and more everyday
He cares about me
He is very creative
He thinks he was an amazing Chef in his past life
He is Determined
He is inspiring
He is courageous
He is my best friend
He is crazy good at retarded things
He is my soul mate
He is my favorite person in this world to be with (sucks we spend over 6 months apart) damn you baseball ha ha
He drives me nuts sometimes
He challenges me
He is a jokester
He is an amazing man
He is my Boyfriend, I love him to Pieces, and I miss him so very much!!! 

 Ya see my boyfriend he wears a lot of different jerseys not just his baseball one! He is much more than just a baseball player much much much much more!!!

I haven't seen Anthony in what feels like forever! I last saw him June 8th... holy cow that was a long time ago. I feel like I don't even know what he looks like anymore... I don't even think I'll recognize him when he comes home in a couple weeks... ha ha just kidding I couldn't forget that face and those amazing blue eyes! ha ha My boyfriends main jersey he wears in life is his baseball, family, and boyfriend jerseys and he wears em all very well! I cannot wait till the baseball jersey gets put up on the hanger in a couple weeks for the off season, but who am I kidding that jersey never really gets put on the hanger in the off season ha ha its a 24/7 worn jersey! ha ha I like to think in the off season the family and boyfriend jerseys become the main ones but, I know that baseball jersey is still in the lead! ha ah 

Last year the day Anthony was coming home from Asheville North Carolina because the season had ended I was so excited, nervous, and anxious. That day went by so slow. I remember always looking at the clock and it was like time was moving in slow motion!! On my way to pick up Anthony from the air port that night all these crazy emotions were running through me. Then I saw him and it was like my emotions were gone and I was just purely Happy. A smile on my face that went from one ear to the other. Total cheese ball ha ha. There is nothing like that first hug after months apart. Its indescribable. Its just perfect and makes all those months apart just disappear. (Sometimes your boyfriend is gone so long you start to go crazy and ask yourself is he even real or if he is a figment of your imagination!! ha ah just kidding) 
Baseball threw me for a curve ball again that night. Just when I thought his season was over and he was officially in off season and I had my boyfriend back. baseball came knocking again... ha ha Anthony received a call from some guy his the Rockies Organization asking him to do playoffs with the Modesto Nuts. Of course Anthony accepted the opportunity and the next morning he was off to Modesto to play with the Nuts for the playoffs. Thank god he was in California and only 2 hours away, and Lucky for me the first Nuts playoff series was against the San Jose Giants so, that meant I could catch some of Ant's games here in San Jose!! The went to the 2 games that were played in San Jose and waited for Ant after every game to get my little hug in! ha ha The Nuts ended up losing the series to the Giants and that lead them to be out of the playoffs. So, 3 days later I officially had my boyfriend back!!! 

I pray next year Anthony is in the California league or Double A so, then at least I can have him close, or he will be making a little more money than he was this year! ha ha

Love Love Love 
A picture of the happy couple ha ha

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