Monday, August 15, 2011

The baseball Family...

I come from a baseball family. My papa played for the Yankees way back in the day, my dad played in the minor league system for the Texas Rangers, and my uncle has played professional baseball for a bunch of teams and is now the pitching coach for the San Francisco Giants.  Growing up with my uncle in professional baseball I was always asked when people heard my last name "Righetti" are you related to Dave? is he your dad? You would think it would be cool having a famous family member. I am not going to lie it has its perks but, it also has its down side. In high school a lot of girls were mean to me and would say "guys only are her friend or like her because her uncle is the pitching coach for the Giants" Like, really who says that?  My recent encounter happened during my Western Athletic Conference Championship game against Fresno State. The game was in penalty kicks and I was chosen by my coach to be one of the five kickers to represent my team. When it was my turn to take my Penalty Kick the goalie for Fresno State thought it would be funny to come up to me as I was placing the ball on the line and tell me that she is a huge Giants fan, and to tell my uncle hi! Really?Right when i am about to take my penalty kick for the WAC Championship!!! Really!! (THE WAC CHAMPIONSHIP game was about 3 days after the Giants had won the World Series) She totally blew my concentration making me miss my penalty kick... I guess her strategy worked. If my uncle wasn't the pitching coach for the Giants the Fresno goalie would of had nothing to say to me and it would of been a fair game on each side of the ball but, nope she used the one thing I have against me to blow my concentration! props to you Fresno State goalie! ha ha

I personally love that my uncle is the has played pro baseball and is currently the pitching coach for the Giants. He has a lot of good advice that he gives me in my long distance baseball relationship with Anthony. This summer I was at my cousins grad party and my uncle walked in and said hi and the first thing he said to me was "Anthony is 2 for 3 today, he's looking pretty good." I had honestly no clue what was going on in Anthony's game because, it wasn't over yet and I hadn't checked his stats or play by play on my phone yet! ha ha I thought it was cool that my uncle had been keeping tabs on Ant. I can be sitting on the coach with my phone in my hand and my uncle will say "Don't get mad at him for taking forever to respond he is a busy guy." ha ha he even sticks up for him when he take forever to respond to a simple text lol!

My uncles wife, my aunty Kandice is an amazing woman. She is probably the sweetest, down to earth, and the nicest person you could ever meet. She always talks to me about the long distance, the insanely long road trips, and spring training. She's an old pro at it all now ha ha. This last Spring Training she and I were there at the same time. It was so great I got to sit next to her at one of the Giants Spring Training games and we just talked about everything. She told me she usually only stays a couple innings and then heads back to the hotel because its too much for her sometimes. I feel so blessed to have my uncle and my aunt in my life. They truly do help give me advise when it comes to this crazy life style.

Plus I think my dad secretly loves Anthony and wants me to marry the kid because my mom told me he tells people I have already found the ONE! ha ha ha Thanks dad... so embarrassing!!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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