Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just because I am a Romantic...


I don't know if any of you watch Bachelor Pad, but I sure do! Along with all the other sappy lovey dovey reality shows. Last nights episode of the Bachelor Pad was amazing! I love Ames I just think he is the greatest! ha ha What he did for Jackie made my heart melt. 

I am in love with a ball player my romantic love story doesn't exactly have ending like Ames and Jackie's did last night. When Anthony and I say our goodbyes it usually goes a kiss, a long hug, and then he is off to baseball. Then I go lock myself in my room and cry for a couple days! ha ha maybe not a couple days, I have definitely gotten much better at goodbyes! I wish when I said my goodbyes sometimes I could just run after Anthony's big Dodge Truck and say I am coming with you... I would be lying if every time I said my good bye to him I wasn't tempted to just stay with him. My heart always tells me to stay and be with him, but then my head goes "Steph, not a good idea you have school, work, and basically no income" So, in the war between my heart and my head... my head always wins! One day I am determined to follow my heart and choose love... ha ha  

So , Hi I am Stephanie Righetti. I love reality shows. I love all Romantic movies. I am determined to have a Happy fairy tale moment with my unemotional, long distance, nonromantic baseball boyfriend! ha ha (Sorry Ant... You're going to kill me!) I think its growing up watching all those Disney princess movies where prince charming swipes his princess off her feet and they fall madly in love! ha ha Or maybe I am just nuts... You take your pick! ha ha
Summer Catch!
Ryan leaving his no hitter to catch Tenley before she leaves for San Francisco to say "I love you!"
I just am one hopeless romantic...  

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  1. awww i dont even watch the bachelor pad, but that made me cry!!! i love adorable men.